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Find 25 characters alphanumeric product key which is printed on the back of the card. Register as a new user on and enter your product key to setup your norton antivirus.

If you face any problem during the downloading and installing norton setup.

How to Install Norton Setup in 7 Easy Steps?

In many retail stores, shopkeepers give you a retail card that allows you to download your security product from the Internet. In this way, you can get the latest version of the Norton product you have bought.

Norton Setup through a Retail Card

Installing Norton setup is very simple - whether you have purchased the product from a retail store, or have a CD that you want to use. Here is a quick DIY guide on how to install Norton setup:

    Enter your Norton product key here
  1. To use the retail card, visit the website
  2. Register as a new user.
  3. Things to check before installing Norton setup to ensure trouble-free installation:
    • System Compatibility: Norton Security products work well with MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS platforms.
    • Install the latest updates of the Operating System
    • Uninstall any conflicting programs present on your system
    • Remove junk files from the temporary folders
    • Purchase a valid subscription from
  4. Enter the norton product key to setup your norton antivirus. Norton product key are 25-character long and will be mentioned in your retail card.
  5. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked whether you want to install Norton Security on 'this device' or 'another device'. Choose the device on which you want to install the product, and download it.
  6. Once you run the downloaded program, all you need to do is to follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. In case you have opted for Norton Security Deluxe (which is good for 5 devices) or Norton Security Premium (which is good for 10 devices), visit Here, you can add more devices where you want to install the product and then, follow the on-screen instructions.

If you face any problem at during Norton setup installation.

Did you buy Norton AntiVirus Online?

These days, most people like to buy Norton Security products online. In this case, you simply need to download your copy and double-click it to start the installation process. Activate your Norton Security product by entering the product key on activation website which you have received in your email.

Norton Setup through a CD, DVD or USB drive

In case of a CD or DVD

Place the CD or the DVD in the CD drive, and click on 'Launch Norton Install'. Then, click on 'Install Norton AntiVirus' to kick-start the process.

In case of a USB drive

Insert the USB drive in the port. If you do not see the 'Launch Norton Install' right away, you may have to click 'Open Folder to view files' and click on Start.exe file.

Bonus Tips for Stress-free Norton Setup Installation
  • First close all the programs on your computer.
  • Check your system meets the minimum requirement mentioned on the website
  • Uninstall and remove any antivirus programs your system, including earlier versions of a Norton product. These may conflict with the operation of the latest Norton AntiVirus you have purchased. In Windows, you can do this by clicking on the 'Start' button and going to the 'Control Panel'. Go to 'Programs' and uninstall all the software utilities you do not need anymore.
  • Delete all junk and temporary files from your system.

In case of any trouble visit and follow the interactive setup guide of Norton installation or contact our experts for help. They will help you in diagnosing and troubleshooting any installation or setup issues that you might face.

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